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Hematoid Quartz- STELLAR SWEET Red Hematoid Quartz Large Cluster! #246


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3.3 pounds of AWESOME from Morocco!

H O L Y   S M O K E S ! 

Not much need for a description here, photos don’t do this beauty justice please do check out the video 😍 

Please handle carefully as raw specimens like this may have sharp edges.

Hematite / Hematoid Quartz is quartz that is included with iron (hematite) and/or limonite which can give a red, silver, black, or gold color. Even if the hematite is not included inside of the quartz here, I believe the same properties still apply. My friend and I were blown away by the energies of these, their energy is most definitely strong and powerful. The red varieties are usually referred to as fire quartz, or harlequin quartz (usually when the red appears as dots or strands within the stone). The gold colored variety is what most know as golden healer quartz.  When other minerals are present with quartz, their energies are amplified as quartz amplifies energy. So, not only will you have the standard quartz properties for the crystal, but the amplified energies of hematite. It’s a great crystal for stability, grounding, cleansing, protection, which in turn brings in peace, harmony, & clarity. With the power crystal of quartz working with it, it surely is a wonderful crystal to have around or in your healing tool box. Powering up but staying grounded is a super combination. Hematoid quartz is helpful with grounding emotions too when they are overstimulated, like anxiety. I feel like it would gently but firmly say, “Let it go, take a deep breath, it’s all good. You’re safe, I got you. There’s goodness here, just allow yourself to feel it. Awesome! Now, let’s do this!”. It’s also a good encourager of when to take a rest vs. knowing when to get to it. It’s a root chakra crystal that will help ground your energy deep into mother earth to help you release energy that no longer serves you and keep you more clear when working with higher vibrational frequencies. It’s great for balancing the mind, body and spirit for a harmonious flow. An aid to help you focus when you are over stimulated or distracted, or when you need a lot of that brain energy for highly intelligent work and pursuits.

It brings through energies of determination, self-confidence, and a fiery passion to create your world. It can be great for relationships too, or attracting a new love or partner, boosting you with confidence and courage.

 Please note photos are taken in bright direct light to show as much beautiful detail as possible. Different lighting may affect how the stone looks. Please see last photo with ruler for size reference.



Hematoid Quartz- STELLAR SWEET Red Hematoid Quartz Large Cluster! #246