• Sessions with Sarah. I Believe that EVERYONE has the ability to create shifts in their realities, connect to spirit, & to find healing within. I'd love to help create that space for you.

Current Sessions

Crystal Reiki Flow Sessions

Individualized intuitive energy work fueld by crystals, reiki, sound, and intensions. *** Tell me more! Book Me!***

Crystal Sound Baths with Singing Bowls

We'll work with both crystals and strong sound *** TELL ME MORE! BOOK ME!***

Workshops & Classes

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Marj's Crystal Reiki Flow Sesh-

The amazing energy that I felt as I entered the space she created wrapped me in its warmth and calm. My Crystal Reiki Flow session with Sarah was even better than I imagined. She truly takes the time to ask questions and tune into what you need before and share her insights after. The session was amazing. I instantly felt strong energy as she placed crystals around and on me. I felt it more as she performed the Reiki. I felt enveloped in a coccoon of powerful soothing and healing energy. The sound healing additions added to the rest, relaxation and healing. I felt very light and refreshed after. I highly recommend this to everyone.As someone who also incorporates crystals into my Reiki sessions it was so awesome to be on the receiving end. Healers need healing too! Thank you Sarah!

Marjorie L.


Donna's Sound Bath Experience

For anyone who is open to a new experience and has not tried this, I would highly encourage you to take time and sign up for one of Crystal Reiki Flow With Sarah’s Sound Baths. It was amazing and other worldly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Donna M.


Google Review

I’be purchased through Enchanted Earth several times for gifts.... and of course, to treat myself as well ;). Sarah’s enthusiasm about crystals radiates and I have learned so much from her about how to incorporate crystals and minerals into my life! She has helped me create awesome, unique gift packages for friends and family. She really takes the time to listen to what I’m looking for, does additional research if needed and provides me with many options without ever pushing a sale. Prices are extremely fair, quality is top notch and shipping is quick. I have many options of places to buy crystals living in California but will always prefer to support this small business due to the exceptional customer service. You rock, Sarah!

Debbie S.