Crystal Reiki Flow Sessions

Let's move, let go, release all that no longer serves & shower you in Crystal fueled Reiki!

Your Guide - Highly sensitive intuitive empath & channel- Reiki master certified, Sound Healing Training, Intuitive Mediumship Training, Psychic Development trained.

My goal with my sessions is that you leave feeling more peaceful, lighter, empowered, balanced, charged, and/or inspired than when you arrived. Each session is crystal reiki based and tailored to the individual. Different tools or methods will be utilized based on how our conversation flows and what spirit guides us to. Some elements that may be incorporated include: Reiki, crystals, energy movement, releasing of blockages, energy clearing, energy charging, tuning forks, drumming, singing, singing bowls, dancing together, smudging, other percussion, oracle cards, channeling, and more. I truly believe in the power of the energetic-mind-body connection, and that there is always some step we can take to find more peace or healing.

May spirit take us where we need to go, knowing that we are fully supported. ♥

I look forward to creating movement with you on your healing path!

May our guides work together for your greatest good!


Open up & walk through the door