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Tiger Eye- Tiger Eye Small Long Polished Point! (A882)


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Super Sweet Tiger Eye Small Long Points!!!! I love how each one is so unique and beautiful.....absolutely gorgeous and kickin! Especially in the double terminated form!

Excellent for grids, pockets, jewelry making, manifestation work, meditation, energy work, and more! 

Price is for one long point, and selection is random pull (I'll ask my intuition to help of course!). Please see ruler in images for size reference.

Tiger Eye- A variety of macrocrystalline Quartz, thought to be a pseudomorph of Quartz as layers of crocidolie (fibrous blue or gold asbestos). The brown color comes from the iron from the decomposed Crocidolite oxidized. It’s chatoyancy from the light reflecting off the fibers in the crystal.

Tiger eye is a crystal for sharpness, peacefulness, stability, and focus. Said to have the energies of the sun and the earth, bringing down warm spiritual energies to the earth. It is very connected to the earth and adapts very well to “Earthy” people. It has a brightness & optimism to it, like the sun, and also can shine some extra rays of luck our way. It has a soothing touch to it with a hint of grounding, instilling calmness where we feel turmoil. Helps us grab the spirit of being a little more free and uncaged, release some fear, and be courageous! Tiger eye can help open our eyes to the beauty and magic around us, and inspire our passions to open and flourish. May help one who’s been living very introverted, to relax and shake off anxieties that keep us from connecting with others and encouraging us to step into new experiences and adventures. It can bring awareness to what others around us or ourselves may need as well. 

Tiger eye is very helpful for matters of intelligence and finding clarity. May help us get to the bottom of a puzzle and connect all the pieces.

It can also be helpful in lower chakras for balancing, sticking to, or seeing the habits most practical and in tune with ourselves sexually, emotionally, or in matters of taking back our power. It may also help us see what may be getting us down, or when being a little too prideful may cause disturbances. A helpful protector, especially during times of travel and giving us boost of courage during change. Be brave my friend! May also help with increasing psychic abilities when used with the 3rd eye.

A balancer of both sides of the brain and yin-yang energy.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Although Polished there may still be imperfections.

Tiger Eye- Tiger Eye Small Long Polished Point! (A882)