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Satin Spar ("Selenite") Charging Plate or Wand


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Oh I LOVE these charging plates (or can be used as a wand!) They are super beautiful and can help charge up and cleanse your crystals and items.

Price is for one plate that I will randomly select (asking my intuition to help), just the one plate, it does not come with the pretty crystals and objects in the example pictures. They slightly vary in size and thickness. You may receive a plate that is not shown in the photos here but is of the same family, quality and size range. Please see image with ruler for size reference. They are roughly 8" x 1.5" give or take. This mineral is on the softer side so small dents or imperfections are normal. 

Satin Spar “Selenite”- There’s good reason why this is one of the most popular healing crystals, it really is a channel of bright brilliant divine light. I do want to note for educational purposes, that, satin spar is not actually “true selenite” (it’s OK don’t worry!!!). Satin spar, desert rose, and selenite are all forms of the mineral gypsum. Satin spar is more fibrous where selenite crystalizes in clear form. However, many (including myself) believe that satin spar is extremely similar to the energies of selenite, one might find that true selenite is just stronger. In my world, I continue to work with satin spar “selenite” for the same uses, and it’s brilliant. It’s an incredible crystal, and for the volumes of satin spar that have been used by energy workers and collectors I think speaks for itself. As always, work with the crystals that you are called to work with and what feels right to YOU. I am a firm believer that what you believe or find true will attract those results for you.

Satin Spar / Selenite - These crystals are like a bath of cleansing, refreshing, divine light energy. This light energy can help create direct communication to your angels, guardians, guides, the higher self, and divine beings. It can be a catalyst for awakening and connecting one to the mystic consciousness, which can be helpful in remembering one’s spiritual & psychic gifts. Also a connector to accessing past, present, and future lives.  

It’s excellent to work with to cleanse, charge, refresh & repair your energy bodies (including mental & emotional too) and chakras as well as other crystals and objects. This refresh and recharge can be especially helpful when moving forward through transitions, transformations, and forward motion into new things. I love using selenite wands and plates to sweep and cleanse energy fields and cut cords. I’ve also found soothing cleansing results meditating with and doing energy work laying on plates and wands of selenite down my spinal column. I’ve also used it for chronic aches and pains. On bad pain days, gently massaging (if rough maybe don’t do that but hold close too) or having the crystal over the area while envisioning brilliant white light from the divine shining from the crystal and gently seeping into my body to illuminate it and bring relief.

It can bring in clarity of the mind, soothing tranquility, and help one bring more flexibility and strength to decision making.

It may help one to see into and communicate to the physical body to help understand and see what is out of balance or in disorder and what can be done to bring balance back.

It’s one of those crystals that I think everyone should have, it’s wonderful. 

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears .Although polished there may still be imperfections. I do my best to point out any I find when making videos or that they are visible in photographs. Be sure to carefully check photos and video if you are concerned.

Please do not submerge in water or get this stone wet much, it is a water soluble mineral. :)

Satin Spar ("Selenite") Charging Plate or Wand