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Clear Quartz Wand with Etching, Elestial Details & Trigonic Record Keepers!


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7.13 oz of heavenly goodness here people!! All natural no polishing here.

see picture with ruler for size reference.


There is some stunning elesital features (so many crystal faces!!!) towards the top of the wand, trigonic record keepers, light etching, looks like some self healing...it's the gift that keeps on giving. Quartz is hard to photograph and do justice to what it looks like in real life it drives me crazy sometimes!

From Brazil.

Quartz is an all around friend and master healer! As you will see, I can’t hold back from welcoming more quartz into my world….it’s extremely versatile, powerful, easily programmable for intentions/healing work, and each crystal is SO unique and fascinating. With quartz varieties especially, there are many formations and growth patterns that can aid bring in additional or access different energies. It’s well known to the modern world that it is an energy worker, it’s even used in daily electronics (clocks, optics, computer, various electronics). Especially with your intent flowing to it, it acts as an energy amplifier, focuser, redirector, transmitter, purifier, & uplifter powerhouse. Quartz amplifies energy, the energy of other crystals you are working with, your intentions, magick, the body's energy, the energy of thoughts, etc. And it can do so while promoting clarity and a sense of calmness, perseverance, patience, and helping to minimize negative emotions (fear, anger, guilt, nervousness, etc) and channel light.

Also used for clearing and activating energy centers. An excellent harmonizer, which may also be helpful in aligning you with, connecting you to, & receiving information from different dimensions & beings  (the mind, the physical, other-worldly beings and masters, other living things, healers & teachers, source). With all this in mind it’s easy to see how it is a wonderful tool for meditation, healing, spiritual development, enhancing one's energy, aiding to uncover the origin of dis-ease, bring out positive thoughts & feelings, & to help heal negative patterns and views.

AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE! It really feels like an unlimited crystal...

Etched quartz is said to hold knowledge from & aid contact to (especially regarding healing methods) ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. Think of it like a hidden library of information, the etching being like written information on the crystal. In a meditative state one may hold the crystal and rub their finger on the etching to help unlock the crystal and connect for the information. Or placing the etched side of a crystal on the third eye. Usually the etched crystals that find you end up having information for you that you need at that time, and have many things to say, however you are open to receiving such information.

Self healed quartz is when a crystal is broken or damaged during growth but CONTINUED TO REPAIR ITSELF AND GROW by forming smaller terminated faces or lace like patterns. I think this says a lot (I almost went on an inspired tangent here, we'll save that for a blog post lol) and that we can all relate and benefit from this message in our healing journeys. Needless to say, these crystals are extra beneficial for healing ourselves and others as well.

Record Keeper crystals are spotted by finding raised triangle shapes on the crystals termination. If one can attune themselves from a pure space of love to the crystals consciousness, one may be able to access vast information from the crystal. These are said to hold ancient secrets, access to the akashic records and be connected to the web of everything.

Trigonic record keepers are spotted by finding triangles that look carved into the crystal instead of a raised up crystal surface. These can connect us to deeper amounts of information if accessed. Think of a record keeper like a book from a library, and a trigonic record keeper like the actual library.

Clear Quartz Wand with Etching, Elestial Details & Trigonic Record Keepers!