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Quartz- Slightly Scenic (lodolite) Super Clear Quartz Tower / Obelisk / Point! (#543)


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Oh MAN the clarity on this one!!! I love how clear it is so you can see the mystical micro-inclusion magic and the chlorite inclusions, it is just a touch scenic or "lodolite" I'd say. Absolutely so easy to get mesmerized by this one. I honestly can't tell if that's a scratch on the font or was a natural part of the crystal before being cut, but just bringing that to your attention in case it matters. I love how the chlorite looks like to be in layers, as if it was part of a forming or existing phantom!

The video, as always for quartz, is a MUST see to really get acquainted and see all details/quality best.



Lodolite!! The stone of many names….scenic quartz, garden quartz, shamanic dream-stone, lodolite…

This crystal is a quartz crystal that has various colored inclusions of other minerals (usually chlorite, feldspar, sometimes hematite) that makes an appearance of landscapes and small worlds inside the crystal! These landscapes and beautiful worlds make it easy to fall into for gazing. It really really is an excellent crystal for reaching a deep meditative state quite quickly. It’s powerful connection to spirit & the universe make it easy to put one in the state. I’ve found it wonderful as an aid in “seeing” while journeying/meditating, when I feel out of touch with that channel it puts me right back in. When directed, can enhance communication with the higher realms, boost your spiritual energies, illuminate psychic gifts, be an aid to accessing past lives and be a wonderful friend for shamanic work. Also a good tool for connecting to the dream states for dream work and lucid dreaming. 

It’s also a soother and good one for emotional work & releasing trauma (this or past life). It brings in a calm gentle strength. Inspires one with bravery, encourages taking risks & stepping outside of your comfort zone, to let your grip loose and release what is holding you back (your negative patterns, thoughts, feelings) and put your heart and mind a little more at ease. Also bringing in and supporting you with the energy of manifestation. Transmuting unwanted energies & bringing in inspiration, motivation, confidence, and looking on the brighter side of things. Helping us to see and accept that, hiccups and bumps in the road happen in life, and that is OK. This is how we learn.

As you can see it’s an excellent healing stone. Aura-wise it can help bring in vibrant energies, cleanse (as well as your inner soul & space), & realign disrupted frequencies.

Phantoms in crystals are especially great for when we need to break things down, see things layer by layer. This may help us see how or why we've gotten where we are, and maybe what we need to change to go in a different direction. It's also good in past (and current life) regression. Connecting with the deep layers within and from where we came.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Quartz- Slightly Scenic (lodolite) Super Clear Quartz Tower / Obelisk / Point! (#543)