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Quartz - Natural Spirit Quartz Cluster Beauty!! (#95)


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 Spirit Quartz from South Africa! 3.03oz

Spirit quartz takes quartz energy to a whole new level, especially on the spiritual side! A great high vibrational crystal friend! Excellent for developing and evolving spiritual gifts and connection. A crystal of ascension, astral travel, activation, dream work, multidimensional healing, awareness & perception intuitively. A comfort to those dealing with death and also great for ancestral healing. The cluster formation always tends to be great for working with others harmoniously or providing a service. Emotionally may aid one to be more patience and get to the root of obsessive patterns to help one see steps to resolve them. Helps one to see karmic connections  and justice as well as promoting forgiveness. And oh so much more!

See the video to see the details on this GORGEOUS one best! Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Quartz is an all around friend and master healer! As you will see, I can’t hold back from welcoming more quartz into my world….it’s extremely versatile, powerful, easily programmable for intentions/healing work, and each crystal is SO unique and fascinating. With quartz varieties especially, there are many formations and growth patterns that can aid bring in additional or access different energies. It’s well known to the modern world that it is an energy worker, it’s even used in daily electronics (clocks, optics, computer, various electronics). Especially with your intent flowing to it, it acts as an energy amplifier, focuser, redirector, transmitter, purifier, & uplifter powerhouse. Quartz amplifies energy, the energy of other crystals you are working with, your intentions, magick, the body's energy, the energy of thoughts, etc. And it can do so while promoting clarity and a sense of calmness, perseverance, patience, and helping to minimize negative emotions (fear, anger, guilt, nervousness, etc) and channel light.

Also used for clearing and activating energy centers. An excellent harmonizer, which may also be helpful in aligning you with, connecting you to, & receiving information from different dimensions & beings  (the mind, the physical, other-worldly beings and masters, other living things, healers & teachers, source). With all this in mind it’s easy to see how it is a wonderful tool for meditation, healing, spiritual development, enhancing one's energy, aiding to uncover the origin of dis-ease, bring out positive thoughts & feelings, & to help heal negative patterns and views.

AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE! It really feels like an unlimited crystal…

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Quartz - Natural Spirit Quartz Cluster Beauty!! (#95)