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Prehnite & Epidote - Tumbled Stone, Medium (B28)


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This listing is for ONE small tumbled stone. Random pull! I'll ask my intuition to help. :D

Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Prehnite- is an excellent heart chakra crystal! It has such a bright, expansive unconditional love and healing energy. It brings in calming peace, protection, and structure, especially when used in grid work. Place it in your home or space to help illuminate it as your healing sanctuary. Aids to teach one to connect with and be at harmony with nature and the elements, in a refreshing & revitalizing way. Your plants and home may warmly welcome this crystal and smile with it’s love!

Prehnite is a crystal for “dreaming and remembering”, falling into the flow, and deep states of meditation. Allowing these states helps connect us to our higher selves, and the universal energy. Connect us to the divine and other entities (including outer-worldly) through visualization and meditation with your intent (conscious or unconscious). As well as boost our abilities in precognition and knowing, with inspiration from the divine. It helps us hear and follow those inner “nudges” to do what’s needed to prepare for what’s to come. Lay down the road for the path ahead! The energy present for these precognitive abilities are even stronger when it comes to matters for one’s spiritual growth.

Prehnite is a good one to help one let go of things, especially material possessions & get get organized. When one feels the need to fill the “empty spaces inside” with things, prehnite can help us connect to divine and self love to realize we don’t need those things, see that your cup is full & let go what we no longer need. You can manifest anything that you truly do need.

Also a good friend to quiet and for one to resolve the deep rooted fears, anxiety, nightmares, and helping us to uncover where the root is so that we can heal.

It can be a great aid for uncovering the root cause of illness and diagnosis. Works with the bladder, kidneys, thymus, shoulders, chest and lungs. Helps in treatments for disorders of blood, repairing connective tissue, stabilizing malignancy, and treating gout.

Epidote- is one that really likes to bring things to the surface, whether it's rainbow sunshine or the opposite. In healing we must work through our emotions and patterns that are deeply ingrained in order to heal and move forward evolved. It can help us break through the resistance within to spiritual growth and attunement, and enhance our connection. Epidote likes to enhance and magnify the energy of which it touches. Deeply connected to earth, and the beautiful energies of nature and it’s healing. Especially helpful for those in more city-like areas, to connect to earth and release into the earth.

It’s an aid to perception and centering no matter how wild our surroundings. A friend to fill you with courage and personal power, to enjoy and LIVE life and manifest our dreams from deep within our heart and soul.

It helps us to kick away too much self criticism, or at least step aside to see strengths and weaknesses objectively in ourselves and others. To keep our plans reasonable and not be ruled entirely by our emotions.

Epidote helps to cleanse the emotional body, to help us clear negative states (stress, anxiety, self-pity) and let go of past emotional trauma and our grief. It can be very powerful and the detox state may powerfully release a lot of negative energy, which takes us down the path of growth and raising ones energy. If one might be overwhelmed please, as always, be sure to have ready and call on your support whether it be a therapist or energy worker that you trust to help you work through it. So yes, it is a very helpful one in working through trauma and bringing in positive energy.

It’s a helpful healer and reminds you to take care of you! Works with the nervous system, immune system, brain, thyroid, stamina, adrenal glands, and healing that emotional trauma.

I like the combination of prehnite and epidote together, I see how they can complement each other for a smoother more balanced healing journey, and can see a pattern of letting go the deep rooted negatives for transformation and support for letting in the good. The prehnite is an excellent combination with epidote as I feel it giving us more support, a net of love and more stability and calmness as we work through the deep rooted emotions. Being as they are both very earthy and attuned to nature I also feel a connection to the devic worlds and realms. Seeing so much leafy green and the dirt of the earth in what feels like endless forests that feel so much like home to me. I love it! Happy healing my friends!

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Please note that although polished or raw there may still be imperfections or small chips. Be sure to check all media well if that may be displeasing to you.

Prehnite & Epidote - Tumbled Stone, Medium (B28)