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Ocean Jasper Palm Stones! (Medium)


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Ocean jasper palm stones, pick the one that calls to you! I shared a video here because some of them have a really fine magical sparkle. These are so sweet!

Ocean Jasper is a variety of chalcedony and is absolutely wonderful! Like all jaspers, it is an extremely nurturing, soothing, peaceful and strengthening crystal. My most recent mediation with ocean jasper was exactly about nurturing...visiting past emotional wounds/experiences, providing healing and loving energies to myself at that time. Seeing & feeling myself hold and illuminate myself, infusing my being with nurturing soothing words and light. It has an energy of letting go, bringing up those deep rooted emotional blocks, scars, and patterns, and gently helping us let them go and shine love on them. It’s a good tool help us break those negative thought & anxiety loops that drive us bananas, and help heal at a cellular level. It’s cleansing, stabilizing, negativity repelling vibes will help keep the disruptive thoughts & nightmares at bay and sooth our nerves and help keep us focused. Being a very grounding and centering crystal makes it great for meditation as well as accessing & bringing back with us spiritual wisdom & insight to past lives. 

It’s an EXCELLENT crystal to have on hand for healers! It also has a protective energy to help from absorbing others negative energy during healing. Ocean jasper also inspires one to heal and be of service, not only to others but to welcome in healing & what we need for ourselves as we work with others. Boosts empathy while at the same time allowing you to stay separate and keep you on the objective perspective. It’s attitude of patience, honesty, hope, mastering change, and compassion is also helpful for the healing arts or your own healing journey as well as creating our beautiful futures.
Most ocean jaspers should have circular patterns which also represent and help us remember many things. We may easier see how everything is linked together and all connected, or that what we put into it (as well as energetic vibration) is what we get back (the law of attraction). A reminder for us to stay in a state of flow, and nurture ourselves with deep circular breathing. This may help us be in all ways present where we are exactly at this moment with a sense of tranquility. Let that stress GO and let the good flow! 

It’s also helpful in projects and ventures by bringing to the surface what we need to focus on or what we may have missed (what’s the most important detail right now?).

Sometimes known as one of the stone connected to Atlantis, it may help access knowledge from the ancent civilization as well as bring in a watery energy. 

A root and heart chakra crystal, but really can be used on any chakra for cleansing and stability.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Ocean Jasper Palm Stones! (Medium)