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Obsidian - Snowflake Obsidian Rough (price per piece)


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These lovelies are available per piece, select the one that calls to YOU!

Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Obsidian is a lustrous volcanic glass and ranges in a variety of types/additional qualities. 

It’s an excellent one for grounding deep into mother earth and earth star chakra work. Very useful for protection (psychic, emotional, physical). It is especially good for psychic protection and diving into one’s gifts. Obsidian can also be a giant shield to bounce off negativity and negative energy. It’s glassy surface is very mirror like, can be used for scrying and connecting to other worlds or journeys. It is said to have a tendency to reflect back and show us the flaws within ourselves, or our environment, that it would be in our best interest to transform in order to move forward in a better light. Some say that it is very blunt in this process! This is a necessity when it comes to bringing ultimate change, healing, and transformation to one's world. Sometimes when we don’t know the next step is, or feel blind and stuck to why our world is the way it is, we need a friend to help us see what we’ve turned a blind eye to and also open the door for opportunity and steps to create change, transformation, and clarity.

It’s mirror like quality can also in a way bounce off and dissolve unloving thoughts about oneself or the physical body. Obsidian is stone of strength and power, encouraging you to take your power back and move forward. A psychic stone as well, and may aid connecting one to spirit and connecting to your gifts and purpose.

Also a stone of detoxification, helping to clear and release blockages.

Snowflake Obsidian has inclusions of a white mineral called phenocryst, when polished, this inclusion in the obsidian can have the appearance of a snowflake. It is one of the gentler obsidians, instilling calm and soothing while bringing to attention patterns, thoughts, or behaviors that no longer serve us, as well as re-work and set the thought patterns and see the actions to make changes that bring relief. This one is excellent a “stone of purity” one to bring balance to all the mind, spirit, and body. Used for disorders of the skeletal structure and veins, to clear up the eyes and smooth one’s skin.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Please note that although raw or polished there may still be imperfections or small chips. I do my best to point out any that I see in the videos. Be sure to check out the video (if available) and zoom in on photos if any imperfections may be displeasing.

Obsidian - Snowflake Obsidian Rough (price per piece)