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Lodolite / Shamanic Dream-Stone / Scenic Smokey Quartz Point with Phantoms!


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This is such a great crystal!! First off, this is all natural, this is not polished. And it's scenic, AND do you SEE those phantoms? It's very water clear in person, photos again are not doing this one justice. It's a smokey quartz and there is also some crazy sweet etching. So so many incredible details here. This is a very excellent crystal to work with as it can access a lot of information. Lodolite is wonderful on it's own but we have phantoms added too as well as the properties for smokey quartz applying here too...

Phantoms are wonderful for healing the past, present and the future. They help us see the layers of how things are or were, and peel them back to see what's really inside that we maybe need to work on in order to heal and move forward. So they are a wonderful symbol and friend to have when you're ready to do some healing and/or moving forward in this life or completion in other lives. Great for past life, shamanic, and other work where we need to travel between and under the layers. Especially since this is already a lodolite, and additing the phantoms...this is the crystal for such work!

Lodolite!! The stone of many names….scenic quartz, garden quartz, shamanic dream-stone, lodolite…

This crystal is a quartz crystal that has various colored inclusions of other minerals (usually chlorite, feldspar, sometimes hematite) that makes an appearance of landscapes and small worlds inside the crystal! These landscapes and beautiful worlds make it easy to fall into for gazing. It really really is an excellent crystal for reaching a deep meditative state quite quickly. It’s powerful connection to spirit & the universe make it easy to put one in the state. I’ve found it wonderful as an aid in “seeing” while journeying/meditating, when I feel out of touch with that channel it puts me right back in. When directed, can enhance communication with the higher realms, boost your spiritual energies, illuminate psychic gifts, be an aid to accessing past lives and be a wonderful friend for shamanic work. Also a good tool for connecting to the dream states for dream work and lucid dreaming. 

It’s also a soother and good one for emotional work & releasing trauma (this or past life). It brings in a calm gentle strength. Inspires one with bravery, encourages taking risks & stepping outside of your comfort zone, to let your grip loose and release what is holding you back (your negative patterns, thoughts, feelings) and put your heart and mind a little more at ease. Also bringing in and supporting you with the energy of manifestation. Transmuting unwanted energies & bringing in inspiration, motivation, confidence, and looking on the brighter side of things. Helping us to see and accept that, hiccups and bumps in the road happen in life, and that is OK. This is how we learn.

As you can see it’s an excellent healing stone. Aura-wise it can help bring in vibrant energies, cleanse (as well as your inner soul & space), & realign disrupted frequencies.

Etched quartz is said to hold knowledge from & aid contact to (especially regarding healing methods) ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. Think of it as a book from a hidden library of information, the etching being like written information on the crystal. In a meditative state one may hold the crystal and rub their finger on the etching to help unlock the crystal and connect for the information. Or placing the etched side of a crystal on the third eye. Usually the etched crystals that find you end up having information for you that you need at that time, and have many things to say, however you are open to receiving such information.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

This crystal is 31 grams.

Lodolite / Shamanic Dream-Stone / Scenic Smokey Quartz Point with Phantoms!