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Green Tourmalinated Quartz! Bright Green Tourmaline Covered Super Lovely Specimen!


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Please see last image with ruler for size reference. This baby weighs 9.94 oz and is from Brazil.

These tourmaline crystals are beautiful!!!! So many bright green beautiful crystals, this one is covered!! I imagine whomever adopts this baby will be super happy with it. Is that a hint of pink or watermelon I see, might be!

Green Tourmalinated Quartz- Combines the qualities of tourmaline with the qualities of Quartz. The quartz (power, energy director transmuter and amplifier, and all around healing crystal!) will amplify the strong properties of the tourmaline. 

See quartz listings for more extensive notes on the properties of quartz. Tourmaline, a wonderful crystal on so many levels and if formed in a variety rainbow of beautiful colors. Each color has it’s own unique energetic properties so we’ll break it down by color.

Green Tourmaline is a beautiful and excellent crystal for healing the heart, seeing through loving eyes, and connecting to divine love. A heart chakra opener with some masculine energy paired with compassion, giving you a willfulness to move forward and follow your heart. Transmuting negative into positive. An inspirer of joy, stamina, vitality, strength, courage, prosperity, luck, creativity and manifestation. Let the uplifting creative energies inspire you to manifest abundance while taking on new projects, to produce income and abundance in many forms in your life. Excellent for a new business, expansion or putting new ideas, projects, and intentions in motion successfully.

And ohhhh how it’s lovely greens are connected to the earth, plants, animals, and devic realms. Connect to these energies with more ease through this crystal to easier communicate with these realms, nature spirits, and  to harmonize with the earth. To allow an easier flow in of earthy herbal wisdom, guidance, and to help plants flourish.

Helps one to see the beauty and miracles in life before us and help us feel deep gratitude and love for others, our gifts and the planet. To be loving to oneself and to others. 

It may help one to diminish fear through understanding and find more confidence and emotional strength.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Please be sure to handle raw specimens, especially quartz, with care and caution. Raw crystals can have sharp edges.

Green Tourmalinated Quartz! Bright Green Tourmaline Covered Super Lovely Specimen!