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Fluorite- Multi-Colored Rainbow Fluorite Palm Stones!


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Ohhhhhhh! Lovely multi-colored fluorite palm stones! They are all so beautiful you guys!!!! Many of these have some rainbow action too.

Please check last photo for size reference, weight is listed by each item number in the selection menu.

Great for meditation, energy work, or to have in your space of creation. I love how these are all so unique and gorgeous in their own way. The love for fluorite IS REAL!

Fluorite is an absolutely beautiful & incredible crystal. It ranges from clear, to purple, yellow, green, blue and a mix of colors. It’s an excellent crystal for the mind, focus, intellect, the workplace, getting organized, and encouraging others to work together, to find balance to all shine and reach favorable results for everyone, together. It likes to help kick away & clear chaotic, disruptive & disorganized energies to help you grow (in the mind, physical, emotional & spiritual systems). May help one to see things clearly, past illusions, bring sharp focus, help clear the fog, and bring more balance to the positive & negative energies of the mind. It encourages calmness, confidence, responsibility, and inspired energy to help you kick some butt out there and make things happen. It’s also great for clearing out negative energies & thoughts, aiding one with strength to face & release emotions in a healthy way, inspiring nourishing energies & healing.

Purple fluorite is especially great for the 3rd eye, connecting one to the mystical, intuitive & cosmic energies, helping one to grow and expand their gifts. Also for understanding how to communicate their gifts and messages.

Blue fluorite is awesome for the calming energies, opening you up to clear communication both in this physical world and other worlds.

Green fluorite is a good friend to clean up those chakras! Especially a good color for the emotional work and removing negativity. Connecting one to earth, self love, healing, and abundance.

Yellow fluorite brings a bright vibrant energy and can inspire creativity. Excellent for the mind and intellect.

Please note that photos are taken in bright direct lighting. Different lighting may change how the crystal appears. I actually love seeing them in different light by accident and discovering new things based on the viewing conditions.

Fluorite is a crystal that color may fade in direct sun light. I've seen it happen! Recommended to keep these pretties out of direct sunlight to keep the best color.

Although polished there may still be imperfections. I try and point any out that I discover when making videos if I spot any. If small chips or imperfections drive you cray cray please use the zoom features for the photos and check out the video to make sure all is to your satisfaction.  :)

Crystals with rainbows in the fractures within the crystal produce full spectrum of color when it comes to energy work. This makes them helpful for any of the chakras, and also gives an extra boost for manifestation work. Fractures in the crystals happen when there are slight quirks, damage, or imperfections in the growing process. I think it’s says a lot there, that imperfections can create such unique and beautiful results during the growth process. Rainbows are a special gift (i mean, RAINBOW! :D ) that may help us see that love & joy is always present in every moment, and to live from a loving space rather than one of negativity. Helping to heal from trauma, grief and sorrow. Wrap yourself up in a beautiful rainbow and keep that chin up to the sky!

Fluorite- Multi-Colored Rainbow Fluorite Palm Stones!