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Fluorite - Gorgeous Yellow & Purple Fluorite 60 mm sphere UV reacts / Fluorescent! #C22


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This listing is for the one 60 mm yellow & purple fluorite sphere shown.

This one sure is a DREAM BOAT! And BONUS this one UV reacts / is fluorescent under Ultra Violet light (both long & short wave)! I definitely recommend checking out the video too to see all details, beauty, & quality best of this work of art! (website) 

See image with ruler for size reference. ♥ Sphere stands are available too if you are in need, just type "sphere stand" in the search bar.

Spheres emit a smooth energy from all directions. Excellent to add to a space or altar, or to hold during meditation! They can also be excellent tools for scrying and said to be windows through time.

Fluorite is an absolutely beautiful & incredible crystal. It ranges from clear, to purple, yellow, green, blue and a mix of colors. It’s an excellent crystal for the mind, focus, intellect, the workplace, getting organized, and encouraging others to work together, to find balance to all shine and reach favorable results for everyone, together. Fluorite does NOT like chaos...It likes to help kick away & clear chaotic, disruptive & disorganized energies to help you grow (in the mind, physical, emotional & spiritual systems). May help one to see things clearly, past illusions, bring sharp focus, help clear the fog, and bring more balance to the positive & negative energies of the mind. It encourages calmness, confidence, responsibility, and inspired energy to help you kick some butt out there and make things happen. Excellent to work with when starting new projects, ventures, or learning new things. It’s also great for clearing out negative energies & thoughts, aiding one with strength to face & release emotions in a healthy way, inspiring nourishing energies & healing.

Can be a great aid to working with fighting and releasing infections and disorders. Cleansing, purifying, and helping to resolve what is in disorder (fluorite does not like disorder of any kind!). Has been used to fight off highly infectious diseases, and help protect those caring for the sick from infection. May be helpful in fighting off tumors in the early growth stages. For bone and cell treatment.

We got multicolors here so YAY!

Purple fluorite is especially great for the 3rd eye, connecting one to the mystical, intuitive & cosmic energies, helping one to grow and expand their gifts. Also for understanding how to communicate their gifts and messages. Prepares one for healing in all realms. Balancing the bone, body, and cellular structures.

Yellow fluorite brings a bright vibrant energy and can inspire creativity. Excellent for the mind and intellect. May aid balancing cholesterol, the liver, release toxins from the body and bring mental alertness consciousness.

Fluorite  is a crystal who’s color will fade over time in direct sunlight, it is advised to keep out of long exposure to direct sunlight to keep the colors vivid as can be. Also good to not keep in water for long periods of time as it is technically water soluble.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.Although raw or polished, there may be imperfections (small scratches or chips), please see the video to see details and quality best!

Fluorite - Gorgeous Yellow & Purple Fluorite 60 mm sphere UV reacts / Fluorescent! #C22