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Citrine- Natural Citrine Points from Zambia (4-6)


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Mmmmmm natural citrine is something to love....choose the point that calls you! 

#4 has excellent vivid color! I also spot etching and rainbows!

#5 has gorgeous imprints & a nice key mark (key crystal) and how interesting are these faces i'd say that's a window there too!

#6 and more SWEET imprints/key marks!! Rainbows, a window, so much to love...

Seriously all the imprints leave such beautiful details and markings on the crystals, it's wonderful.

Citrine is a variety of quartz ranging from a light champange yellow to a deep golden yellow brown, or sometimes a smokey-citrine. Citrine sold in most stores is actually heat-treated amethyst, but to clarify here we have the real deal natural citrine. Citrine is one of the few crystals that does not need cleansing (but I say, if you feel the need to cleanse, go for it! Always go with your intuition!) as it tends to not hold onto negative energy but transmute, redirect, & ground it. It’s highly known as a “merchant’s stone” or to bring rays of warm abundance to ones world. Absolutely wonderful for abundance work! It is a great crystal to keep in your wallet, your work space, or any space in which you wish to bring abundance in many forms. It not only helps attract wealth but helps one maintain the state.

It is a crystal or bright vibrant energy, connected to the sun. It’s energies are like rays of energizing, uplifting, warming, inspiring goodness. A great crystal to light up & inspire creativity, powerful manifestation, productivity, personal power, creating movement in one's life, new beginnings, projects, or goals. Citrine inspires one to let go of fear and anxiety, find emotional stability, and to find and SHINE their radiance... bright and warm like the sun touch. Shine light on those dark places & perceptions in our minds and energy fields, shine light so we can see clearly, brighten up, and remember to laugh and allow the good flow in and out to others as well.

Also a crystal of clarity, for the mind, spirituality & our psychic/intuitive/spiritual gifts, & communicating with higher energies. I see this especially when placed on the 3rd eye for a good amount of time in a meditative state.

May be helpful in groups & relationships for forming a peaceful and cohesive space & connection. For pursuit or sharing of information for education. Stimulating mental & intellectual pathways & also bringing clarity to what may be causing dysfunction if there’s a block or disturbance in these areas.

Energetically used for balancing yin & yang energy, aligning the chakras, clearing & cleansing the aura. Excellent for the sacral & solar plexus chakras. Activate, open, let it shine! 

Citrine  is a crystal who’s color will fade over time in direct sunlight, it is advised to keep out of long exposure to direct sunlight to keep the colors vivid as can be.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Please see last image with ruler for a size reference.

Etched quartz is said to hold knowledge from & aid contact to (especially regarding healing methods) ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. Think of it as a book from a hidden library of information, the etching being like written information on the crystal. In a meditative state one may hold the crystal and rub their finger on the etching to help unlock the crystal and connect for the information. Or placing the etched side of a crystal on the third eye. Usually the etched crystals that find you end up having information for you that you need at that time, and have many things to say, however you are open to receiving such information.

Quartz crystals with rainbows in the fractures within the crystal produce full spectrum of color when it comes to energy work. This makes them helpful for any of the chakras, and also gives an extra boost for manifestation work. They are a special gift (i mean, RAINBOW! :D ) that may help us see that love & joy is always present in every moment, and to live from a loving space rather than one of negativity. Helping to heal from trauma, grief and sorrow. Wrap yourself up in a beautiful rainbow!

Citrine- Natural Citrine Points from Zambia (4-6)