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Celestite- Medium Raw Crystal Clusters!


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These little crystals have absolutely beautiful vibes and details to admire. Many of these have rainbows too, be sure to check out the video! Photos don't do these justice.

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 Celestite (Celestine) is a lovely calming crystal that is an excellent assistant to helping you connect to your angels, guardians, guides, and the heavenly divine. Helping to open up this connection/align with this frequency allows us to easier communicate with those energies and also to help us develop and move forward with our spiritual, psychic and divine gifts. It’s calming balancing energies can help assist in the centering needed for astral travel and dream recall.

It’s a very tranquil crystal, bringing in energies of serenity, peace, stillness, and sweeping out energies related to fear, anxiety, negative thought loops, and over loaded/stimulated thoughts. Also helpful to help heal trauma and grief. We can find hope when we quiet those disturbing energies. A light in the dark to help you shine bright. It also helps cleanse, polish, and balance the chakras and energy of a body or space. A great crystal to have in a space (office, home, prayer space, anywhere!) you wish to shine these soothing energies or to meditate with. 

Celestite is also great to have in a space or to give as a gift to inspire an easy flow of creativity. This creative inspiration energy is especially helpful to artists & crafters of fine and delicate work and processes, and musicians. Even more-so when the pursuit is for a therapeutic, spiritual, or quest to find a meditative serene state in the process. Creating is absolutely a most beautiful mediation to practice. 

Mentally it can help with understanding and seeing all sides of complex issues, circumstances and ideas while bringing in rationality.

The energy and crystal itself is most beautiful, it is a crystal I’d recommend everyone to have in their collection.

Especially if one is of a spiritual nature or quest, opening up on their journey of spiritual gifts and allowing in support, feels emotions and everything deeply or empathetic (bringing in the peace and calm when over stimulated), or just looking for a little more tranquility.

Celestite is a crystal who’s color will fade over time in direct sunlight, it is advised to keep out of long exposure to direct sunlight to keep the colors vivid as can be. It’s also not recommended to submerge in water or to get crystals wet as they are water soluble.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Crystals with rainbows in the fractures within the crystal produce full spectrum of color when it comes to energy work. This makes them helpful for any of the chakras, and also gives an extra boost for manifestation work. Fractures in the crystals happen when there are slight quirks, damage, or imperfections in the growing process. I think it’s says a lot there, that imperfections can create such unique and beautiful results during the growth process. Rainbows are a special gift (i mean, RAINBOW! :D ) that may help us see that love & joy is always present in every moment, and to live from a loving space rather than one of negativity. Helping to heal from trauma, grief and sorrow. Wrap yourself up in a beautiful rainbow and keep that chin up to the sky!

Celestite- Medium Raw Crystal Clusters!