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Calcite - Super Sweet Dogtooth Calcite with Fluorite Mineral Specimen! B467


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WOW!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! Looks to me like calcite growing on calcite,  multiple generations of growth on this beauty. And this color??? The purple fluorite on the sides/bottom, I LOVE IT!!! I highly recommend checking out the video!

Does not come with stand. If you'd like one check out what I have available for stands and be sure to add it to your cart!

From - Santa Eulalia Chihuahua Mexico

Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Calcite varies from colorless to a wide variety of colors, each color may add a little different vibe to the crystal. It’s an excellent energy amplifier & cleanser, for a space, intentions, your energy field, during energy work when placing a calcite on a chakra, etc. Energy amplification can be especially useful in distant healing & for your manifestation work.

It can distribute energy in multiple directions as well as bringing in a polarizing prismatic energy that is helpful in clearing & activating any and all chakras. By simply holding one and being open to receive one can welcome in a flow of beautiful energy. It’s excellent for the mind, to open one up, absorb information, see things from a different angle. Wonderful for taking on new adventures, projects, and learning new things. Especially for those diving into things related to the arts and science. Learn, be open, and create your world! Also to help one retain information from astral travels and channeling. To help with healing dis-ease by helping one remember the pure state before dis-ease began. Facilitating awareness of the life force around us and in everything.

Brown / Chocolate Calcite is one which energies may help one break patterns, especially if repeating the same “mistakes” over and over again. Helps one to keep the balance, especially in the space of home or the work place.

Check out my section on fluorite to find out more information on fluorite properties! I see the two working together beautifully to help bring in a balanced, less chaotic energy to spaces and especially working with others or learning / growing pursuits.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Please note that although raw or polished there may still be imperfections or small chips. I do my best to point out any that I see in the videos. Be sure to check out the video (if available) and zoom in on photos if any imperfections may be displeasing.

Please handle mineral specimens with care, as minerals (such as calcite) can be more fragile and some minor breakage may be possible with handling. I recommend washing one's hands after handling any mineral specimens for best safety.

Calcite - Super Sweet Dogtooth Calcite with Fluorite Mineral Specimen! B467