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Calcite - Honey Calcite Big Beauty Sphere 87mm (B351)


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HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY!!! This GORGEOUS big size honey calcite sphere is about 87mm of something to smile at! I spot some rainbows and it's so easy to get lost in this lovely piece of art...watching the light play in it is hypnotizing to me!

Does not come with stand, you're welcome to add one from the shop if you'd like (I'd recommend the bigger size stand for this one).


Calcite, It’s an excellent energy amplifier & cleanser, for a space, intentions, your energy field, during energy work when placing a calcite on a chakra, etc. Energy amplification can be especially useful in distant healing & for your manifestation work.

It can distribute energy in multiple directions as well as bringing in a polarizing prismatic energy that is helpful in clearing & activating any and all chakras. By simply holding one and being open to receive one can welcome in a flow of beautiful energy. It’s excellent for the mind, to open one up, absorb information, see things from a different angle. Wonderful for taking on new adventures, projects, and learning new things. Especially for those diving into things related to the arts and science. Learn, be open, and create your world! Also to help one retain information from astral travels and channeling. To help with healing dis-ease by helping one remember the pure state before dis-ease began. Facilitating awareness of the life force around us and in everything.

Honey/golden calcite is like your excited best friend cheering you on, energizing and motivating! It can help tear down the walls of creative & productive blocks you’ve been starting at and help you really focus. It’s a very inspiring, supportive, balancing, strengthening, and empowering friend….which can result in great confidence. Great confidence inspires us to take greater action, which in turn helps us easier manifest the results we desire. Now is the time! Great for sacral chakra work.

Crystals with rainbows in the fractures or inclusions within the crystal give an extra boost for manifestation work. Fractures in the crystals happen when there are slight quirks, damage, or imperfections in the growing process. I think it’s says a lot there, that imperfections can create such unique and beautiful results during the growth process. Rainbows are a special gift (i mean, RAINBOW! :D ) that may help us see that love & joy is always present in every moment, and to live from a loving space rather than one of negativity. Helping to heal from trauma, grief and sorrow. Wrap yourself up in a beautiful rainbow and keep that chin up to the sky!

Spheres emit a smooth energy from all directions. Excellent to add to a space or altar! They can also be excellent tools for scrying and said to be windows through time.

  Calcite is a crystal who’s color will fade over time in direct sunlight, it is advised to keep out of long exposure to direct sunlight to keep the colors vivid as can be.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. See image with ruler or measurements noted for size reference. Please note that although polished there may still be imperfections or small chips. I do my best to point out any that I see in the videos or make sure if I see any that they are in the photographs. Be sure to check out the video and zoom in on photos if a small imperfection might displease you.

Calcite - Honey Calcite Big Beauty Sphere 87mm (B351)