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Calcite- Green little pals!


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These little pals are excellent for pockets, grids, jewelry, meditation, gifts, candles, and all kinds of things! 

Super pretty little green calcites. I will intuitively select one for you. They range from 3g-8g in weight.

Please see image with ruler for size reference.

Calcite varies from colorless to a wide variety of colors, each color may add a little different vibe to the crystal. Most are acid washed, you can tell by it having a glossy slippery appearance. As not all crystals are pulled from the earth looking pristine, polished and sparkly.

It’s an excellent energy amplifier & cleanser, for a space, intentions, your energy field, during energy work when placing a calcite on a chakra, etc. Energy amplification can be especially useful in distant healing & for your manifestation work.

It can distribute energy in multiple directions as well as bringing in a polarizing prismatic energy that is helpful in clearing & activating any and all chakras. By simply holding one and being open to receive one can welcome in a flow of beautiful energy. It’s excellent for the mind, to open one up, absorb information, see things from a different angle. Wonderful for taking on new adventures, projects, and learning new things.Especially for those diving into things related to the arts and science. Learn, be open, and create your world! Also to help one retain information from astral travels and channeling. To help with healing dis-ease by helping one remember the pure state before dis-ease began. Facilitating awareness of the life force around us and in everything.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Green calcite is a beautiful heart chakra stone. For emotional, heart based matters and balance. Instils us with a sense of confidence, courage, and vitality. Helps us to kick away all that energy, patterns, and things that no longer serve us (anxiety, fear, negative self talk) and to see and think more clearly. This makes it especially great during transitions and changes, and emotional work that we hold close to our hearts. Working with the heart chakra can help us with forgiveness, loving and caring compassion for ourselves and others, Green calcite also brings brightness, abundance, and joy. Spread that goodness!

Calcite- Green little pals!