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SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL! 8 PC Empath / Highly Sensitive Care Bundle Set! C208

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SPECIAL  BUNDLE DEAL- 8 PC Empath / Highly Sensitive Crystal Set!! C208

8 piece set special bundle deal of 18.99!

At normal cost individually this set would be $29.50! (Saves 35.6% OFF which is $10.51 bucks!)

ONLY 6 SETS AVAILABLE! Your crystals will be randomly selected from this bunch or a similar bunch, I’ll ask my intuition to help of course ;) 

Includes one of each (not multiple sets, I just included more sets/crystals in the photos to show variety & crystal quality):

-Raw Black Tourmaline

-Deep Purple Amethyst Tumble

-Smoky Quartz Point

-Obsidian Tumble

-Fluorite Octahedron Shape

-Charoite Small tumble

-Rhodonite Tumble

-Aquamarine Rectangle tumble

I’ve selected this group of crystals to help support empaths & highly sensitive people. As being one of these people, crystals have been a wonderful tool for me help balance the energies, energy overloads, and refresh.

-Tourmaline-To help ground, protect & shield. I like too, when overwhelmed, visualize all the excess energy I do not feel I can handle at that time or need flowing through my body and down my right arm into the crystal that I hold in my right hand. Tourmaline feels essential for empaths, in my experience. A fast acting grounding crystal when one may feel disoriented or want to float away.

-Amethyst- To bring in calming, cleansing, & meditative vibes, I love amethyst as a refresher Also for boosting intuition/psychic ability & protection.

-Smoky Quartz- Ground, protect, and gently detox the energy field while provide a little uplift in transmuting dense energies.

-Obsidian-I think it’s reflective qualities can help us determine “is this mine or someone else's?” as well as see our truths (whether we like it or not) to determine the next best step. Protective, and to absorb negative energies.

-Fluorite- To help balance energies & emotions, focus & clarity. Kick away some of that chaotic energy.

-Charoite- A friend to help us overcome fear & get some deep physical & emotional healing (as most of us are very emotional beings). To help with acceptance of what is & of others. Helps one to be driven by ones own thoughts and feelings. I appreciate that charoite encourages helping and healing others, but also in remembering to stop and make time to heal & care for you too.

-Rhodonite-To bring in nurturing loving supportive vibes. Heals emotional shock & panic, which can certainly be a thing when overloaded & overwhelmed. Heart chakra support & love stone.

-Aquamarine- To help calm the mind, reduce stress, clear up confusion & bring clarity. To help promote self expression and understanding emotional states as well as interpreting how you feel.

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I will ship out within a few business days and provide tracking info. It may be an extra day or two with the current deals going on & delays are possible from carries due to COVID. I’ll ship as soon as I can cause I know you'd love them ASAP!

Please note that different lighting may change how the crystals look. See image with ruler for size reference. although polished and raw, there is the possibility for small imperfections. See the video for best details and quality.

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SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL! 8 PC Empath / Highly Sensitive Care Bundle Set! C208

$18.99 $29.50 35% Off