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Apophyllite Xtra Small Clusters & Cube!


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OHHH THESE BABIES!!!! These little apophyllites are just adorable!! 

I LOVE this green cube too! Green is more rare for apophyllite, excellent for heart chakra work too. These clusters have really nice clarity and tons of rainbows. What a way to bring some light to your world. ♥

Be sure to check out the video, photos do not do these justice at all.

Apophyllite is a lovely high vibrational crystal that works well with clearing and activating the 3rd eye, crown & soul star chakras. This allows an easier flow of light energy/higher vibrational energy into the body & connection to the higher realms. Higher vibrational energy like apophyllite can easier open up the channel for communication with angels, guardians, guides, and spiritual awakening & gifts. It’s a very, light channeling crystal, be open to receive goodness! Strengthening your intuitive/psychic/spiritual gifts and abilities. An excellent crystal to gaze in, which may especially help one to see the future. Also a good friend to help with astral travel, helping one to hold the information they receive in a comprehensible way so that it is still understood when they return to the physical body. 

A crystal of harmony, helping one to see the truth and the perfection that all already is. Also helpful in releasing some stress and anxiety, while also boosting you with the inspiration for better behavior/attitude/thought patterns. 

Green Apophyllite is especially a great heart chakra crystal, also with some rejuvenating and joyful energy,

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears.

Apophyllite Xtra Small Clusters & Cube!