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Angel/Opal Aura Quartz Towers / Points / Obelisks! 638,640,641


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Angel/Opal Aura Quartz Towers / Obelisks / Points!
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Number 1 (638)-1.66oz 💲16
2-(640) 2.05oz💲19
Number 3 has a happy home now YAY!!!
4-(641) 3.53oz 💲31
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These towers are angelic and dreamy!!!! 😍
I love the excellent clarity to see the little beautiful magic inside. And that aura love!
Aura quartz are created when natural quartz crystals are treated by man to bond metals to the surface of the crystals.

Angel/Opal Aura Quartz

Aura quartz are natural quartz crystals that are treated by man to combine additional elements, a dreamy mesmerizing appearance and vibe. The natural crystals are treated with heat and pressure to bond precious metals to the crystal. Angel or Opal Aura Quartz is usually bonded with platinum, sometimes silver, other trace minerals or gold.

I usually do not gravitate towards man altered crystals, but since I’ve met aura quartz in person I have certainly made an exception and absolutely love them!

Angel aura feels connected to the heavens and other spiritual dimensions. It’s a very high vibrational crystal, which is excellent for meditation and energy/spiritual work within higher dimensions and with higher dimensional beings, such as the angelic realm and guides. A great aid to connecting to the frequencies of the divine, and communicating with your higher self as well.

It has a strong, intense, energizing vibe to it, but one of optimism. If it’s energies feel a little too intense at first  I’d suggest pairing it with a grounding crystal, or making your contact with it in shorter periods of time.

Angel aura’s not only a joy in it’s beautiful ethereal rainbow colors, but also in it’s energy that inspires joy, celebration, mood and energy lifts, seeing the beauty, magic, and gifts around us. When we are feeling and putting out these sort of vibrations it also helps us to attract and manifest the good things in our world, as well as shine & share it to others.

Cleanses, aligns, and activates all chakras. I do feel an extra connection with the heart, crown and soul star. Like other crystals with rainbows, it can be a comfort and light in the dark while working through grief, trauma, and healing on multiple levels. May help shake the negative patterns or energies that we’ve been resistant to letting go off. We invite you to see the gifts before and within you, and to smile at the rainbows!

Angel/Opal Aura Quartz Towers / Points / Obelisks! 638,640,641