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Amazonite - Amazonite Towers / Points / Obelisks! B218 / B220 / B221 / B222 / B223


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Calming lovely amazonite towers! This listing is for ONE tower, choose the one that calls to YOU! :D

Please see the last  image with ruler for size reference. Be sure to check out the video (if available, website!) to see details, beauty, and quality best! Does not come with satin spar "selenite" charging plate shown in the one photo.


[Astrological Sign of Virgo]

Color: Range of Bluish green, to green, green blue. Pale, pastel, or high saturation color. The color of amazonite often has streaks and inclusions of white quartz or feldspar.

Hardness: 6-6.5

Crystal System: Triclinic

Streak: White

Chemical: Silicate, Tectosilicate. Chemical Composition:KAlSi3O8

It’s green color in this type of feldspar is thought to be from trace amounts of lead in the material. Originally named “Amazon Stone”, even though it had not been found near the Amazon River, the name eventually developed into “Amazonite”.

*Metaphysics* (if ya dig!)

Amazonite is a type of feldspar, so metaphysically the properties of feldspar also apply here. It is a mineral of bringing in peace and removing aggravation & negative energy. It’s certainly a soother…soothing especially to emotional processes, calming worries and fears, the nervous system, and all the chakras. 

Amazonite is especially connected to the heart and throat chakra, supporting communications especially concerning the heart.

A great choice for general health and balance! Balancing yin/yang, the energetic bodies with the physical and spiritual bodies, and bringing clarity, clear spirit, balancing of the personality. It helps one to tap into and hold the pure energy of universal love.

Amazonite can aid simultaneously attuning to both the spiritual dimension and the state of chaos in order to facilitate the complete moving through of all boundaries; this aspect of the energy of amazonite helps one to access the harmonious center within the kingdom of perfection and to integrate and synthesize the duality.

Can be helpful for working with & soothing the nervous system and to dissipate energy blockages which could propagate the improper flow of neural impulses. Helpful for teeth, bones, and calcium deficiency. It is a very great one to work with for removing muscle spasms.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Although raw or polished, there may be imperfections (small scratches or chips), please see the video and/or zoom in on the photos to see details and quality best!

Amazonite - Amazonite Towers / Points / Obelisks! B218 / B220 / B221 / B222 / B223