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SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL! Get Grounded Get Cosmic Tower 5 PC Set! C207

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5 piece set special bundle deal of $41!

At normal cost individually this set would be $64! (Saves 35.9.% OFF which is $23 bucks!)

Plus shipping from the US! (8.75, happy to combine! If you're local we can totally arrange a contactless pick up).

So I grouped these together and just kept hearing “get grounded, get cosmic” LOL and the set was born!

I was feeling some grounding energies as well as what I refer to as “cosmic” energy, or moreso the unseen and mystical, opening up to spiritual energies, gifts, manifestation, magick, etc.

Includes the 5 items shown: 

1-Black Tourmalinated Quartz - (grounding, shielding, energy movement, protecting, dense energy lifter)

1-Obsidian - (shielding, unveil, protect, ground)

1-Sodalite - (Combines logic & intuition, opens up spiritual perception, channeling from higher consciousness to material realm, stimulates 3rd eye, deepen meditation)

1-Arfvedsonite & Garnet - (Open Crown, Stimulate journeying & downloads, manifestation & transitioning. Grounding too I believe.)

1-Larvikite - (Stone of magick & metaphysics, soul journeying, stimulating your psychic abilities & visions, connecting to higher self).

(does not include cleanse plate)

Check out the video (in comments on FB) to see details and beauty best!

May you be grounded and open up to the cosmic energies & journeys!

There is much more to the crystal metaphysical properties than listed, these are just what came to mind for this set! I encourage you to dive deeper in the meanings/energies if you are drawn to certain crystals.

Happy to pass along some deals as we all need some extra goodness these days amiright?!

You’re welcome to check out more items on Enchanted Earth Minerals FB or page.

Please note that different lighting may change how the crystals look. See image with ruler for size reference. Although polished or raw, there is the possibility for small imperfections. See the video (if available) & photos for best details and quality.

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SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL! Get Grounded Get Cosmic Tower 5 PC Set! C207

$41.00 $64.00 35% Off