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Aragonite - Aragonite "Cave Calcite" Mineral Specimen Large Heavenly Beauty! A510


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These aragonite crystals are absolutely stunning!! They have such a heavenly vibe to them, my goodness! The video is a MUST see! 

From Santa Eulalia Chihuahua MexicoPlease see image with ruler for size reference. This one weighs in at 1.33lbs! I've seen a lot of these referred to as "Cave Calcites", but they are actually aragonite.

There may be some specks of dirt on some of the clusters, I've found if you'd like them removed they easily can be gently brushed off with a dry brush if desired. I love them as is, from the earth!

PLEASE NOTE these are crystals are fragile, handle with care & unwrap gently. It is possible for some minor damage with heavy handling or during shipping, yet none reported from any customers so far! Just a reminder to be gentle for you and this pretty. ♥

I feel like these ones have some higher vibes too and could be used for higher chakra work, my personal opinion. I feel a connection to the spiritual worlds, and feel like I can hear them singing .

Aragonite! Aragonite is usually found to be white, yellow/gold, green, brown, and blue. When the crystals have the more red-brown color it is from iron or hematite with the crystal. 

These gorgeous earthy crystals will be a super choice for grounding. They are deeply connected to earth and also an earth healer that may help one be more present with respecting the forces and strong energy of nature. As I’m writing this, and chillin with some aragonite, I keep being brought back to seeing and feeling strong thick white roots growing and spreading down, connecting with and flowing through & caressing fresh healthy soil many layers below the surface. Excellent for root and earth star chakra work. As this crystal can help ground your energy & what you need to release (whether surface or deep rooted energies) into the depths of earth for her to transmute and stabilize. Although very grounding it also does aid a nice uplift  and a lil refresh to your energy as well. Allow all those attachments & energies that are no longer serving your greater good flow into the beautiful arms of Gaia, and feel lifted. Let that stress go, breathe, let your nerves settle and release that static, and allow your vibration to rise.

This earthy energy can help us stabilize, center, calm, focus, instill patience, & concentration. Especially for those a little detached from self discipline, the overly wandering minds or one in the midst of emotional spikes (fear, anger, resentment, etc) & stress. So that may be helpful in meditation, or allowing us to focus so we may see the root of some turbulence we may be experiencing! If one decides and sets the intention with the crystal it can help you find the discipline you need, helping you to be more reliable (for yourself and others!) and follow through. It’s also a great aid during times of taking in a lot of responsibility, in helping to keep you cool and collected during such times. An untangler of tension in a space, uplifting the energy around, and hugging everyone and affirming that all is well.

It’s also a crystal of courage and bravery, cheering you on to stand deep rooted in what you believe in and fight for it.

The star formation & cluster crystals tend to emit energy and light outwards in multiple directions due to its structure. All those crystals reaching out like little rays. :) I can see this being helpful when one’s energy field is held extremely close & densley to the body, when in need of expanding and connecting outwards.

Crystals are photographed in bright direct light conditions to show the details best. Please note that different lighting may change how the crystal appears. Please note that although raw or polished there may still be imperfections or small chips. I do my best to point out any that I see in the videos. Be sure to check out the video and zoom in on photos if a small imperfection might not be OK with you.

Aragonite - Aragonite "Cave Calcite" Mineral Specimen Large Heavenly Beauty! A510